Library Staff (by name)

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Name Title Phone Email Library
Samantha Cordaro McCoy Director WCAL
Karen Kelly Library Manager/Head of Circulation WCAL
Schwab, Heidi Adult Programming/Emergency Technology Coordinator 201-420-2347 HOBK
Aase, Marie Administrative Assistant - Accounts Payable/Receivable 201-955-5640 NOAR
Abate, Alicia Children's Librarian 201-837-4171 tean
Abbamont, Barbara Finance/Admin Assistant 201-599-1300 PARA
Abramenko, Emily Youth Services Library Assistant 973-365-4044 ext. 4 lodi
Acosta, Michelle Bilingual Library Assistant 201-343-4169 x34 HACK
Adams, Keri Young Adult Librarian 201-343-4169 HACK
Adwan, Aysha Part-Time Library Assistant 201-224-6144 edge
Akdemir, Aynur Circulation Assistant & Technical Processing RIVE
Albert, Michelle Senior Librarian - Reference 973-667-0405 x 2632 NUTL
Aleman, Donna Library Assistant Circulation 201-420-2280 HOBK
Alexander, Lois Head of Circulation Services BFLD
Ali, Radwa Reference, P/T 201-343-4169 HACK
Alicia Pugh Library Assistant BOGT
Allin, Gretchen Library Assistant - Circulation (973) 748-5482 glrg
Alyssa Bayer Youth Service Librarian 201-955-5640 Ex. 3 NOAR
Amy Moran Dept Head of Youth Services Librarian WCAL
Amy Wong Circulation Supervisor (973) 736-0198 x 219 wora
Anderson, Gail Library Assistant 201-568-8680 TENF
Anderson, Najee Security Guard 201-343-4169 HACK
Anderson, Nancy Circulation CLTR
Andresen, Robert Library Assistant 201-445-8078 hoho
Apsey, Lisa Circulation Assistant WYCK
Arera, Donna Administrative Assistant 201-384-2030 ext 115 DUMT
Arthur, John Director 201-568-2215 x 222 ENGL
Ascher, Joani Sr. Library Assistant (973)762-1622 ext 5007 mapl
Ascione, Rebecca Circulation cres
Audrey Bock Youth Services Assistant 201-262-2613 ORAD
Aynedjian, Amy Children's Librarian 201-568-2215 x 241 ENGL
Azeglio, Lourie Library Assistant - Circulation 973-748-5482 GLRG
Babcock-Landry, Amy Director LIVI
Baccaro, Brian Custodian glrk
Baek, Tim Head of Adult Services/Reference, Librarian CLTR
Bagdon, Judy Bookkeeper 978-748-5482 GLRG
Baker, Janet Head of Circulation 201-664-4586 x203 WASH
Balacco, Morris Head of Collection Development 201 592 3615 x4015 FTLE
Bandstra, Josh Circulation 201-327-4338 ALDL
Banick, Michael Library Director 973-376-1006 x126 MILL
Barbara Zoino Library Assistant 201 337-3742 OAKL
Barnes, Jane Manager of Daily Operations and Circulation 201-592-5774 LEON
Barnhouse, Nancy Reference Librarian, P/T 201-343-4169 x21 HACK
Barone, Donna Children's Assistant WYCK
Barrios, Masshiel Page, Children's Dept 201-343-4169 x14 HACK
Barron, Maureen Circulation Assistant GLRK
Battaglia, Allyssa YA / Reference Librarian 201-664-4586 x207 WASH
Bayer, Alyssa Adult Services Librarian hash
Bayer, Valerie LIVI
Beck, Susanna Library Assistant 973-471-1692 wall
Beckerich, Joanne Programs and Publicity Coordinator (973)762-1622 ext 5013 mapl
Beckert, Helen Reference Librarian 973-748-5482 GLRG
Beckman, Ginger Library Assistant 201-445-8078 HOHO
Beirne, Dona Administrative Assistant LYND
Bellino, Leo Director 201-955-5640 NOAR
Bellucci, Stephanie M. Library Director 201-945-2867 CLPK
Bennett, Gina Library Assistant 201-445-8078 hoho
Benz, Tonette Library Assistant 973-471-1692 WALL
Berkis, Michael Circulation/Children's Dept. Media RAMS
Bernstein, Alan Adult Programs Coordinator 201-845-2915 MAYW
Bhattacharya, Sumona LIVI
Bickel, Alexandra Adult Librarian 201-529-7323 x226 MAHW
Bielen, Jessica Circulation 201-444-2390 MIPK
Blackinton, Michele Head of Children's Services 201-768-5675 HAPK
Blatt, Hanna Sr. Adult Services Librarian 201-599-1305 para
Bock, Debbie Head of Reference Services 201-343-4169 x20 HACK
Bombace, Giulia Youth Services Coordinator MOVL
Borland, Donna Library Assistant 201-384-2030 DUMT
Bowen, Ann Executive Secretary 201-343-4169 x25 HACK
Boyer, Maurice Part-Time Library Assistant 201-224-6144 EDGE
Bratton, Diane Head of Circulation & Technical Services 973-376-1006 x121 MILL
Brecher, Diane Story Hour Coordinator CLTR
Breen, Kristen Circulation Assistant GLRK
Brennan, Marianne Children's Assistant 2018914866 WYCK
Brennan, Paul Library Assistant 201-438-2455 WRDG
Brescia, Anne Circulation 201-845-2915 MAYW
Breuer, Jennifer Library Director 973-748-5482 GLRG
Brian Plank Adult Services Librarian wora
Brickman, Sherri Circulation Assistant/ Social Media Contact PKRD
Bright, Victoria Children's Room EMER
Brisbin, Melissa Head, Patron Services 973-992-4600 x239 LIVI
Brown, Oretta Circulation Library Assistant hash
Buffardi, Jaclyn Circulation Library Assistant HASH
Bunker-Lohrenz, Jackie Local History Librarian 201-891-2224 x 105 FRLK
Burnette, Deborah Adult & Teen Services Librarian RAMS
Caine-Kastan, Wendy Library Assistant MOVL
Cali Skrnich Library Assistant BOGT
Cali, Patricia Circulation Assistant RIVE
Camargo, Yolanda Library Assistant RFPK
Cameron, Terri Children's Library Assistant HASH
Cangialosi, Tracey Prin. Library Assistant, Technical Services 201-599-1308 PARA
Cangialosi, Virginia Library Clerk LODI
Cannarozzi, Kathryn Librarian 201-343-4169 x36 HACK
Cannarozzi, Kathy Director ROPK
Capoano, Jen Library Assistant 201-939-8600 RUTH
Capps, John Head of Reference Services 201- 387-4040 x2845 BFLD
Carafa, Donna Circulation Supervisor 973-365-4044 ext. 2 LODI
Carballo, Maria Circ desk, Music CDs, ESL Coordinator OTPN
Carnatz, Madeline Administrative Assistant and Technical Services 201-592-5770 LEON
Carroll, Brigitte Senior Library Assistant - Youth Services/YA (973) 748-5482 glrg
Carson, Patricia L. Sr. Account Clerk 973-365-4044 ext: 5 LODI
Carson, Tom Library Assistant 201-845-2915 mayw
Caruso, Ken Circulation Department 201-343-4169 x10 HACK
Carvajal, Judith Circulation - Periodicals EXT. 204 NMIL
Carvalho, Kathy Head of Circulation WEWD
Caryl Hardigan Library Assistant 201-945-2867 CLPK
Cascio, Zac PT Library Assistant 973-226-8636 ROSE
Cassano, Danielle Bookkeeper 201-939-8600 RUTH
Cassella, Geri Head of Circulation 201-327-1445, ex. 20 RAMS
Cassidy, Orla Instructional Technology Librarian 201-768-8714 DEMA
Cazanave, Brian Children's Programs 201-945-2867 CLPK
Cecilia Mucciolo Supervisor of Children's Services 201-330-2085 x4004 SECA
Cepeda, Gladys Bilingual Library Assistant 201-343-4169 x34 HACK
Cesena, Danielle Children's Librarian 201-670-3970 GLRK
Chapka, Michael Facilities Director 201-420-2346 HOBK
Chavez, Sacha Library Assistant - Reference 201-420-2347 HOBK
Chelsea Coleman Director BOGT
Cheryl Pavliv Head of Children's Svs 973-566-6200 x218 BLOO
Chiarella, Chris Circulation Assistant rfld
Chicas, Jose Front Desk Assistant Manager 201-585-4150 palp
Chiplunkar, Archana Reference LIVI
Choi, Yumi Senior Cataloging Librarian (201) 498-7313 bccls
Chong, June Head of Technical Services 201-387-4040 x2843 BFLD
Christina Lotito Senior Clerk Typist (973)566-6200 x 204 BLOO
Chumas, Laura Director (201) 567-3521 cres
Chumas, Laura Supervisory Circulation 201-327-4338 ALDL
Churley, Margaret Reference Librarian RIVE
Cihanek, James Library Assistant FAVW
Cimiluca, Jo-Ann Administrative Assistant 201 592 3628 FTLE
Circulation Department 201-568-2215 x 223 ENGL
Clark, Sally Circulation Assistant GLRK
Coats, Anna Head, Youth Services LIVI
Colao, Irene Circulation 201-955-5640 NOAR
Colasuonno, Rita Bookkeeper 201-768-5675 HAPK
Collado, Mary Circulation Assistant WYCK
Colletti, Carrie Library Assistant 201-568-8680 TENF
Conlan, Theresa Bookkeeper EXT. 212 NMIL
Connell, Lisa Comptroller ext. 2223 MONT
Connolly, Ann Marie Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper 201-568-8680 TENF
Contreras, Sujeli Front Desk Manager & Outreach 201-585-4150 palp
Cooper, Donna-Lynne Principal Librarian - Children's 201-568-2215 x 243 ENGL
Corona, Linda Director 201.224.6144 ext. 11 EDGE
Cosenza, Kevin Librarian - Adult Services 973-427-5745 x14 HTHN
Coyl, Peter Director ext. 2226 MONT
Creaden, Joyce Technical Services Supervisor WEWD
Curry, Kamala Page NOWD
Curti, Alberta Circulation Assistant SABK
Cywinski, Caitlin Sunday Circulation 201-768-8714 DEMA
Czesak, Cindy Interim Library Director (201) 768 8714 dema
D'Alessandro, Enrica Library Assistant (201) 438-2455 wrdg
Dalton, Anita Library Assistant MOVL
Danhart, Valerie Supervisor, Circulation Services 201-599-1304 para
Daniels, Amalia Senior Children's Librarian (973)762-1622 mapl
Danko, Mary Ann Circulation Assistant SABK
Darlene DeSantis Technical Services EXT. 203 NMIL
Dattolico, Jeanine Administrative Assistant HASH
David Cubie Library Director 973-736-0191 WORA
Davidson, Jill Circulation Assistant & Technical Processing RIVE
Davis, Emily Circulation 201-327-4338 ALDL
Davis, Jonna Head of Circulation 201-837-4171 x308 TEAN
de Candia, Angela Library Assistant 201-438-2455 WRDG
Debra Sarr Assistant Director (973) 736-0198 x 232 wora
DeFrank, Richelle Teen Librarian wcal
DeFries, Angela Part-Time Library Assistant 201-224-6144 edge
DelGaiso, Dianne Library Assistant 201-337-3742 OAKL
DeLuca, Dolores Senior Library Assistant LYND
Demaio, Irma Library Assistant, Tech Services 201-845-2915 MAYW
DeMarco, Jill Adult Services Librarian ext. 2243 MONT
DeMarzo, Denise Assistant Director, Audiobook collection development OTPN
Demidowich, Christine Adult Programs Coordinator LIVI
Denise Baroni Teen Coordinator 201-262-2613 ORAD
Denise Maxson Technical Services 201-262-2613 ORAD
Denise Roberts Library Assistant BOGT
Denisen, Charlene Administrative Assistant 201-568-2215 x 221 ENGL
Desai, Veena Circulation/Periodicals 201-327-1445, ex. 19 RAMS
DeSantis, Darlene Tech Services Manager 201-585-4150 palp
deWilde, Karen Teen Librarian LIVI
Di Napoli, Yolanda Circulation Head - Technical Services EXT. 214 NMIL
DiGirolamo, Susan Circulation Supervisor 201-568-8680 tenf
Digsby, Cindi Library Assistant 201-939-3930 ERUT
Dileo, Catherine Director 201-444-2390 MIPK
Dillon, Barbara Bookkeeper 201-445-8078 HOHO
Dionisio, Jasper Library Assistant 201-438-2455 WRDG
Diorio, Stephanie Reference Librarian 201-420-2347 HOBK
DiPierro, Ana Circulation/Audiobooks/Music 201-327-1445, ex. 15 RAMS
Disanza, Mary Director 201-438-8866 Ext.201 CARL
Dodwell, Catherine Director 201-384-2030 ext 110 DUMT
Donahue, Carolyn Library Assistant 201-384-1020 HAWH
Donna Sharpe Senior Library Clerk 973-736-0198 WORA
Donna Z. Sweatlock Circulation Manager 201-262-2613 ORAD
Dontas, George Staff Assistant PALP
Doto, Chris Director PKRD
Doucet, Mencia Library Assistant 973-478-3800 garf
Drager, Laura Library Assistant movl
Drury, Ellen Circulation Assistant WYCK
Duffany, Abigail Library Assistant 201-384-2030 DUMT
Duggan, Marianne Supervisor, Technical Services 201-599-1308 para
Duncan, Dee Circ desk OTPN
Duncan, Derek Borrower Services Assistant ext. 2269 MONT
Dunn, Janet Adult Reference Librarian WEWD
Dunsheath, Caroline Senior Library Assistant 201-939-3930 ERUT
Dunsheath, Marlene Youth Services Coordinator 973-471-1692 WALL
Durso, Patricia Executive Administrator 201-327-4338 ALDL
Dutta, Deepti Reference Librarian 201-391-2323 RIVL
Duva, Michael Maintenance Supervisor 201-796-3400 FAIR
Dyer, Brian Circulation 973-226-8636 ROSE
Edmond, Lolita Circulation Department 201-343-4169 x10 HACK
Ehrenberg, Mary Sue Library Assistant 201-384-1020 HAWH
Eigen, Amanda Head of Library Services (973)762-1622 mapl
Elaine Corrao Library Assistant 973-736-0198 WORA
Elbert, Mary Library Assistant (Children's Room) movl
Elkas, Pat Circulation/DVDs 201-327-1445, ex. 14 RAMS
Elqariani, Maria Accounts Payable 201-664-4586 x 202 WASH
Elsy Gargiulo Library Assistant BOGT
Elwell, Kathy Assistant Director/Reference/Technology 201-327-1445, ex. 11 RAMS
Emily Ann Pepe Youth Services Associate (201) 768-4784 NOVL
Emily Chen Youth Services Librarian 201-327-4338 ALDL
Eng, Catherine Supervisor, Reid Branch Library 201-444-4911 PARA
Eng, Catherine Supervising Reid Branch Librarian 201-444-4911 para2
Erin Hughes Children's Librarian 201-438-8866 Ext 203 CARL
Ethan Galvin Librarian and Coordinator ofAdult Programming WCAL
Evans, Jeanne Adult School Office Manager ext. 2287 MONT
Fagerlund, Kirsten Cataloging Librarian (201) 498-7306 bccls
Fagnan, Deborah Head of Children's Services 201-641-0689 RFPK
Farmah, Satwinder Circulation Assistant 201-796-3400 x3402 FAIR
Fernandez, Katie Children's Department Head 201-420-2348 HOBK
Ferrante, Michael Head of Technical Services 201-343-4169 x23 HACK
Ferrara, Nicole Library Assistant 201-796-8888 elpk
Feuer, Jamey Head of Youth Services 201.224.6144 ext. 14 EDGE
Figuera, Daren Building Service Worker - Maintenance 201-420-2346 HOBK
Fink, Elysse Director 201-592-5776 leon
Fiore, Ginger Circulation Services 201-768-5675 HAPK
Fischer, William Reference Services 201-387-4040 x2833 BFLD
Fischetto, Pat Library Assistant - Circulation 201-420-2280 HOBK
Fisher, Danielle Youth Services Librarian 201-845-2915 MAYW
Fisher, Dave Sr. Library Assistant (Circulation) 201-529-7323 x234 MAHW
Fitzgerald, Kelly Library Director WEEH
Fitzpatrick, Siobhan Reference/YA Coordinator 201-641-0689 RFPK
Fitzsimmons, Faith Library Secretary 201-420-5635 HOBK
Fletcher, Amy Head of Technical Services 973-427-5745 x18 HTHN
Flowers, Timothy Facilities Manager ext 2231 MONT
Flynn, Chris Circ Staff EMER
Flynn, Megan Library Assistant - Children's Department 201-420-2348 HOBK
Folger, Jane Head of Children's Services (973)762-1622 ext 5006 mapl
Folk-Pushee, Cathy Librarian 201-343-4169 x22 HACK
Fongeallaz, Carl Circulation Assistant GLRK
Forbes, Theresa Circulation CLTR
Force, Marilyn Adult Services Librarian 201-891-4866 WYCK
Forte, Jane Director RFLD
Fosdick, Monica Bookkeeper/Financial Analyst 201-327-4338 ALDL
Francis, Lauren Circulation Assistant WEWD
Frank, Joanne Circulation Assistant GLRK
Franklin, Margo Children's Librarian 8374171 TEAN
Frankoski, Ellen Sr. Library Assistant (973)762-1622 ext. 5003 mapl
Franz, David J. Director HLDL
Franzetti, Tara Director 201-343-4169 x24 hack
French, Kenneth Head of Collection and Materials Services ext. 2258 MONT
Frick, Joanna Children's Room Assistant 201-796-3400 x 1800 FAIR
Frisch, Sheila Sr. Library Assistant - Technical Services 201-568-2215 x 234 ENGL
Frohlinger, Margery Reference Librarian ENGL
Furrer, Laurie Circulation CRES
Gabriel Manasian Bookkeeper 2015925774 leon
Gadaleta, Filomena Circulation Assistant 201-641-3721 LIFY
Galda, Catherine Library Assistant RAMS
Gallina, Andrew Circulation Supervisor 201-529-7323 x234 MAHW
Galuschak, George Librarian - Reference/Technology MOVL
Gamba, Theresa Director of Operations 973-226-8636 ROSE
Gandolfini, Patricia Sr. Library Asst. Circulation 201-599-1302 PARA
Ganepola, Malka Sr. Library Assistant (Circulation) 201-529-7323 x234 MAHW
Garcia, Amalia Library Assistant RFPK
Garcia, Deidra Senior Librarian - CYA 973-667-0405 x 2633 NUTL
Garcia, Deivis Youth Services Assistant ext. 2263 MONT
Garcia, Rosemarie Youth Services Assistant RIVE
Garfinkel, Linda Outreach and Makerspace Librarian WCAL
Gargano, Judie Technical Services Assistant/Circulation Assistant/Overdues WEWD
Gatto, Julie Children's Library Assistant rfld
Gaydos, Michael Maintenance Engineer LYND
Genzano, Elaine Library Intern HASH
Gerard, Gina Head of Adult Services 973-427-5745 x19 hthn
Gheduzzi, Elizabeth Library Assistant (Children's Room) MOVL
Giammatteo, Penney Supervising Library Assistant 201-438-2455 x14 WRDG
Gilbert, Kara Supervising Librarian 201-529-7323 x225 MAHW
Gilligan, Mary Library Assistant 201-845-2915 MAYW
Gillmore, Michaela Circulation 201-444-2390 MIPK
Gilyard, Deborah Senior Library Assistant - Circulation 201-420-2280 HOBK
Gioe, Patricia Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper 201-891-0656 WYCK
Gladys Tous Literacy Coordinator 201-330-2083 x4014 SECA
Gloeggler, Regina Library Assistant MOVL
Gloria Carney Circulation Associate 201-327-4338 x2 ALDL
Goetschius, Dolores Children's Assistant 2018914866 WYCK
Goldfine, Kathy Business Manager (973)762-1622 ext 5004 mapl
Goldstein, Terri Library Assistant 201-939-3930 ERUT
Good, Jill Library Assistant 201-939-3930 ERUT
Gordon, Annette Senior Library Assistant/Bookkeeping 201-652-5104 WALD
Gorman, Kate Children's/Young Adult Services Librarian 201-768-8714 DEMA
Gost, Karyn Library Director 973-365-4044 ext. 5 LODI
Grace Kim Library Assistant 201-983-7400 erut
Green, Pat Circulation 201-652-5104 WALD
Greene, Nancy Library Director 201-670-5600 x124 RGWD
Greenwald, Cindy Children's Librarian 201-358-5073 HLDL
Grgurev, Michael Systems Administrator (201) 498-7314 bccls
Griffin, Amanda Head of Circulation 201-438-8866 Ext.200 CARL
Gross, Jean Library Assistant 201-384-2030 DUMT
Guan, Wei Reference Librarian 201 592 3615 x4004 FTLE
Guerrero, Rachael Children's Librarian (973) 762-7688 mapl2
Guida, Joe Senior IT Support Technician (201) 498-7317 bccls
Guiliano, Mary Anne Youth Services Librarian RIVE
Gumbs, Greta Bookkeeper 201-568-2215 x 224 ENGL
Gunhan, Serap Circulation Assistant RIVE
Hadeler, Kurt Director 201-529-2972 MAHW
Hall, Annie Page 201-652-5104 WALD
Hall, Sandy Reference Librarian (201) 670-3970 GLRK
Hamer, Judah Director 201-939-8600 x18 RUTH
Hammond, Russell Library Assistant 201-845-2915 MAYW
Hansen, Don ESL Coordinator 201-387-4040 x2837 BFLD
Hanson, Dave Executive Director (201) 498-7302 bccls
Hard, Bernadette Bookkeeper (201) 498-7304 bccls
Harden, Adrienne Network/Tech Support ext. 2241 MONT
Harris, Aimee Reference Dept. Head 201-420-2347 HOBK
Harris, Karen Administrative Assistant 201-641-0689 RFPK
Harrison, Jennifer Library Assistant 201-845-2915 MAYW
Hartigan Christine Director 201-939-3930 ERUT
Hartwick, Carolyn Accounting Clerk 201-420-5634 HOBK
Harvey, Alyssa Youth Services Librarian 201-445-8078 HOHO
Havel, Peter Director 201 337-3742 X 7100 OAKL
Hedges-Slack, Barbara Clerk 1/Administration Assistant P/T 201-343-4169 x31 HACK
Heldman, Judy Director 201-768-5116 HAPK
Henderson, Laura Technology Manager 201-891-2224 x 109 FRLK
Hendricks, Jennifer Adult Services Librarian 201-891-2224 x 122 FRLK
Herman, Maureen Children's Library Assistant HASH
Hill, Janice Assistant to Director/Finance 201-599-1300 PARA
Hilton, Judy L. Library Assistant, Circulation Desk 201-955-5640 NOAR
Hilton, Thomas Supervisor, Reference/YA Department LYND
Hirsch, Paul Reference Librarian 201 837 4171 TEAN
Hoefler, Glenn Senior Library Assistant GLRK
Hoesly, Thomas Borrower Services Assistant ext. 2247 MONT
Hofmann, Natalie Library Associate 201-939-8600 RUTH
Hollis, Wendy Head of Children's Services 973-427-5745 x21 HTHN
Holly M Belli Director 973-566-6200 x203 BLOO
Holly Pizzuta Librarian WEEH
Hone, Molly Head of Adult Services ext. 2288 MONT
Hong, Dana Circulation Assistant rfld
Horton, Karen Business Manager 201-796-3400 x1200 FAIR
Huber, Robert Childrens/Teen Services BFLD
Hughes, Bette Supervisor, Tech. Processing LYND
Hui, Mimi Director HASH
Hull, Caitlin Director 201-845-2915 MAYW
Hunziker, Kathy Sr. Library Assistant - Youth Services 973-748-5482 GLRG
Hybertsen, Katherine Director 201-843-3287 x2 SABK
Hyfler, Amy Assistant Director LIVI
Hyun, Shinae Director 201-384-1020 HAWH
Iacobucci, Gail Circulation Assistant PKRD
Iannace, Nancy Adult School Supervisor ext. 2224 MONT
Ibelli, Dora Library Assistant 201-945-2867 CLPK
Ilch, Zachary Circulation Assistant RFLD
Irizarry, Patti Head of Circulation 201-768-8714 DEMA
Ispahany, Rafat Tech Services and Collection Development Librarian 201-568-8680 TENF
Jackson, Linda Sr. Library Assistant 973-478-3800 ext 20 GARF
Jaegel, Tami PT Library Assistant 973-226-8636 ROSE
Jais, Genesis Library Associate 201-343-4169 x35 HACK
Jane Sawyer Teen Services Librarian 973-736-0198 WORA
Janovic, Bernadette Library Assistant MOVL
Janulis, Effie Public Relations and Marketing 973-226-8636 ROSE
Jenifer May Director 201-330-2084 x4011 SECA
Jennifer Aprias Library Assistant BOGT
Jennifer Kelemen Director (201) 768-4784 NOVL
Jennings, Mary Jo Director 973-478-3800 ext 14 GARF
Jessica Czarnogursky Head of Circulation 973-566-6200 BLOO
Joan Dorfman Librarian (973)566-6200 x 209 BLOO
Jockel, Elsie Technical Services 201-768-5675 HAPK
Johansen, Donna Bookkeeper/Circulation Assistant 201-843-3287 x4 SABK
John J. Trause Director 201-262-2613 ORAD
Johnson, Lauren Library Assistant - Tech Services RFLD
Johnson, Sandy Library Assistant PKRD
Jones, Bobby LIVI
Jones, Kim Sr. Library Assistant (Circulation) 201-529-7323 x228 MAHW
Jones, Therese Part-time Reference MOVL
Jonus, Beth Assist. Supervisor, Circulation Services 201-599-1302 para
Jordan, Joann Circulation Services 201-768-5675 HAPK
Jose Romero Adult Services Librarian 973-736-0198 WORA
Josephs, Diane Technical Services Assistant ext. 2304 MONT
Joyce, Marie Youth Services 201-664-4586 x204 WASH
Jukniewicz, Denise YA Librarian 201-529-7323 x224 MAHW
Julie Gleason Circ Staff EMER
Jurek, Kelly F/T Library Assistant/Senior Accounting Clerk 201.224.6144 ext. 15 EDGE
Kalman, Sharon Youth Services Librarian (201) 438-2455 wrdg
Kalman, Sharon Supervisor, Youth Services 201-599-1309 para
Kane, Dolores Head of Circulation RIVE
Kane, Maggie Library Assistant RFPK
Karpoff, Becky Youth/Adult Services Librarian 201-599-1309 PARA
Kaser, Gretchen Director 201-445-8078 HOHO
Katz, Marilyn Literacy Assistant WEWD
Keeble, Adam Library Associate - Adult Services Programming 973-427-5745 x11 hthn
Keegan, Sara Technology Librarian 201-939-8600 RUTH
Keenan, Michela Library Assistant (201) 568-8680 tenf
Kelemen, Jennifer Adult Services Librarian RIVE
Kelly, Alison Page 201-384-2030 DUMT
Kelly, Kathi Circulation Library Assistant HASH
Kelly, Maria Library Assistant 201-438-2455 WRDG
Kelly, Michele Supervisor, Circulation Department LYND
Kelly-Maloney, Jennifer Youth Services Librarian 201-652-5104 WALD
Kendrick, Sherri Reference Librarian 201-945-2867 CLPK
Kennedy, Nancy Circulation Assistant RIVE
Keyser, Zachary Part-Time Library Assistant 201-224-6144 EDGE
Khan, Omar F. Director 201-641-0689 RFPK
Khazzam, Susan Circulation CRES
Kim, Agnes Library Assistant 201-585-4150 palp
Kim, Anna Adult Services Librarian 201 262-1221x209 nmil
Kim, Dae Young Library Assistant 201-585-4150 palp
Kim, Kiwon Library Assistant CRES
Kimberly Broderick Library Assistant (201) 768-4784 NOVL
Kinkhabwala, Priti Senior Library Assistant - Circulation/Adult Programming (973) 748-5482 glrg
Kirsch, Mary Senior Librarian, Reference 201-796-3400 x 2000 FAIR
Knittel, Laura Outreach Coordinator 201-420-2347 HOBK
Kontonicolaou, Justin YA Services Supervisor 201-670-5600 x112 RGWD
Kopetz, Diane Library Assistant 201-337-3742 OAKL
Korzelius, Pat Circ Staff EMER
Kovacs, Ernst Page-P/T Circulation 973-226-8636 ROSE
Kowalchuck, Margaret Library Assistant RFPK
Kowalski, Susan Supervising Library Assistant 973-471-1692 WALL
Krieger, Jim Advanced ESL instructor 201-585-4150 palp
Kristina Variano Library Assistant 973-736-0198 WORA
Krubner, Lance Literacy Coordinator 201-568-2215 ext 236 ENGL
Kruegel, Leslie Head of Reference 201-796-3400 x 2000 FAIR
Kruyff, Mary Business Manager 201-670-3970 GLRK
Kuharets, Olga Youth Services Librarian rfld
Kuharets, Olga Youth Services Librarian (973)736-0198 wora
Kulzy, Maryellen Supervisor, Children's Department LYND
Kwon, May Korean Language Service, Circulation CLTR
Kyqykaliu, Kena Library Assistant NOWD
Lacey, Alison Page 201-652-5104 WALD
Laforme, Joy PR/Marketing Assistant 201.529.7323 x222 MAHW
Lana Peker Collection Services Librarian 973-736-0198 WORA
Landis, Kate Reference Librarian 201-955-5640 NOAR
Langlois, Irene Branch Manager (973)762-7688 mapl2
Lasky, Robin Head of Circulation 201-288-0488 HASH
Latham, Elizabeth Assistant Director/Children's Librarian 201-592-5777 leon
Latham, Matt Director 201-327-1445 rams
Laude, Denise Adult Program Coordinator 201-529-7323 x227 MAHW
Laverty, Tammy Library Assistant RFPK
Layman, Eileen Reference, P/T 201-343-4169 x12 eileen.layman@hackensack.bcls,org HACK
Lazidis, Jennifer Librarian 201-796-8888 x502 ELPK
Leary, Deborah Head of Circulation CLTR
Lease, Debbie Head of Circulation 201-358-5072 HLDL
Leddy, Brian Reference EXT. 210 NMIL
Lee Penna Community Outreach Coordinator 201-330-2083 x4009 SECA
LeMin, Liz Circulation Assistant/Office SABK
Leon, Laurie Head of Circulation 201-384-2030 ext 117 DUMT
Leonard, Laura Director 2018914866 WYCK
Leonard, Sandra Library Assistant 201-488-7185 bogt
Les, Ronald Circulation RAMS
Lester, Denise Children's Librarian 201-664-0583 wewd
Lester, Janae Page 201-845-2915 MAYW
Lester, Sarah Director 973-762-1622 mapl
Lew, Ken Media & Digital Services Librarian 201-891-2224 x 103 frlk
Lewis, Sharon LIVI
Liblit, Roberta Circulation Assistant EXT 201 NMIL
Lichtenstein, Christine Circulation (201) 567-3521 cres
Lightman, Lorissa Librarian - Specialized Services MOVL
Linda Pabian Information Services Librarian 201-262-2613 ORAD
Linda Pendergrass Head of Reference (973)566-6200 x 213 BLOO
Linda Van Valkenburgh Administrative Assistant 201-262-2613 ORAD
Linley, Mary Circ Staff EMER
Linnartz, Ed Library Assistant 201-652-5104 WALD
Lipinski, Nancy Circulation Department 201-343-4169 x10 HACK
Lisa Cohn Librarian (973)566-6200 x 213 BLOO
Lisa Hoffman Supervising Librarian, Adult Svs (973) 566-6200 x 201 BLOO
Lisa Machno Technology Librarian 201-330-2083 x4005 SECA
Lisovicz, Joan Sr. Library Assistant - Youth Services 973-748-5482 GLRG
Literacy Department 201-568-2215 x 236 ENGL
Literati, Marcia Assistant Director 201-568-8680 tenf
Liu, Weilee Head of Reference 201-837-4171 tean
Lofaro, Cristina Library Assistant FAVW
Lohrmann, Peter Maintenance Department 201-343-4169 x45 HACK
Lohse, Dot Circulation 201-652-5104 WALD
Lopez, Miguel Bldg. Maintenance Worker 973-667-0405 x 2604 NUTL
LoPinto, Leonard Library Director 201-599-1300 PARA
Loria, Ashley Children's Services Supervisor 201-670-5600, x114 RGWD
Lostumbo, Maureen Literacy Coordinator WEWD
Lowry, Lorraine L. Circulation Assistant SABK
Lozauskas, Eric Director of Information Technology (201) 498-7309 bccls
Ly, Leanne Part-Time Library Assistant 201-224-6144 EDGE
Lydon, Leann Adult Services Librarian GARF
Lynch, Janice Library Assistant MOVL
Lynch, Shannon Circulation 201-327-4338 ALDL
Lyne, Bridget Library Assistant 201-768-8714 dema
Macchiarelli, Claudia Library Clerk 973-365-4044 ext. 2 lodi
Macchiarelli, Jessica Macchiarelli, Jessica 973-365-4044 ext. 2 lodi
Macchiarelli, Jessica Bookkeeper EMER
Macchiavelli, Gabriella Library Assistant 201-768-8714 DEMA
Magielnicki, Lauren Children's Librarian 973-478-3800 ext 13 GARF
Maharaj, Marian Secretary - Program Booking EXT. 207 NMIL
Maher, Barbara Circulation Services 201-768-5675 HAPK
Majeed, Samina Reference Librarian 201-843-3287 x5 SABK
Maloupis, Maria Children's Senior Library Assistant 201-288-0485 HASH
Mammen, Biju Principal Library Assistant 201-837-4171 TEAN
Mann, Ylva Circulation Assistant WYCK
Marchetti, Denise Children's Librarian WYCK
Marchisio, Dayana Library Assistant 201-384-1020 HAWH
Marcia Pacheco Library Assistant 201 768-4784 NOVL
Maria LaBadia Director 973-667-0405 x 2638 NUTL
Maria Lanfrank Library Assistant 973-736-0198 WORA
Maria Russo Youth Services Librarian 201-939-3930 ERUT
Marica Lesznik Youth Services Assistant 201-327-4338 ALDL
Marino, Susan Assistant-Administration 973-667-0405 x 2636 NUTL
Markle, Latricia Children's Librarian 201-568-8680 TENF
Marlene Jaipersaud Library Assistant BOGT
Marte, Roaisy E. Page, Children's Dept 201-343-4169 x14 HACK
Martin, Nancy Head of Circulation 201-939-8600 RUTH
Martinez, Angel Building Maintenance Worker HOBK
Martorana, Gloria Library Assistant - Children's 201-420-2348 HOBK
Martorelli, Cheryl PT Library Assistant 973-226-8636 ROSE
Marzocca, Denise Library Clerk 973-365-4044 ext. 2 LODI
Masri, Faten Full-Time Library Assistant 201-224-6144 EDGE
Mattessich, Vivian Circulation Supervisor 201-444-2390 MIPK
May Kwon Library Associate (201) 768-4784 NOVL
Mazur, Eva Library Assistant RAMS
McAlear, Elena Library Assistant RAMS
McArthur, Riley Teen/Reference Librarian 201-891-4866 x 213 wyck
McCarthy, Ann Director 201-391-2323 RIVL
McClain, Mary Circulation Manager 201-891-2224 x 108 FRLK
McColl, Terrie L. Director EXT. 208 NMIL
McGarry, Breda Library Assistant 201-384-1020 HAWH
McGee, Grace Library Assistant 201-939-3930 ERUT
McGee, Tom Custodian RFPK
McGill, Betty Library Assistant 201-384-2030 DUMT
McGinley, Allen Director 201-837-4171 x311 TEAN
McGowan, Judy Page, Adult 201-343-4169 HACK
McGrail, Kathleen Director 201-327-2583 USDR
McKenney, Molly Adult Services and Reference 201-327-2583 USDR
McLaughlin, Clarice Library Assistant 201-343-4169 x23 HACK
McLaughlin, Jean Castle Reference NMIL
McMahon, Gerry Director 201-891-2224 x 102 FRLK
McSorley, Liz Circulation Services BFLD
Meagher, Debbie Library Associate - Children's Services 973-427-5745 x20 HTHN
Meagher, Elaine Part-Time Library Assistant 201-224-6144 edge
Medina, Bette Library Associate 201-939-8600 RUTH
Medina, Melissa Senior Library Assistant - Children's 201-420-2348 HOBK
Meeske, Susan Director OTPN
Megha Gandhi Library Assistant (201) 768-4784 NOVL
Mei, Dawn Periodicals Department 201-343-4169 x16 HACK
Mellett, Margaret Director 201-438-2455 WRDG
Mendez, Philip Senior Library Assistant - Reference 201-420-2347 HOBK
Mendoza, Jose Custodian 201-845-2915 MAYW
Mercadante, Darlene Administrative Assistant 201-529-2972 MAHW
Merli, Bridget Library Assistant 201-939-8600 RUTH
Merse, Suzanne Supervising Library Assistant 201.224.6144 ext.10 EDGE
Michael Grgurev Library Assistant (201) 768-4784 NOVL
Michele Albanese Library Assistant/Bookkeeper (201) 768-4784 NOVL
Michelsen, Sandra Technical Services 973-226-8636 ROSE
Mihal, Lisa Publicity and Marketing 201327-2583 USDR
Miller, Anne Youth Services Librarian 201-599-1309 para
Miller, Patricia Full-time Library Assistant 201-224-6144 ext.12 EDGE
Mitchel, Matthew Adult Services/Outreach Librarian 201-599-1305 PARA
Mitchel, Matthew Foreign Language Subscriptions (201) 498-7316 bccls
Mitchell-Cetti, Emily Library Assistant - Children's Room 201-568-8680 tenf
Molinaro, Dee Library Associate - Circulation 973-427-5745 HTHN
Mollica, Kathleen Librarian - Adult Services 973-427-5745 x17 hthn
Mondino, Cindy Sr. Library Assistant (973)762-7688 mapl2
Montefusco, Diane Library Assistant LYND
Montijo, Sigfredo Sr. Library Assistant (973)762-7688 mapl2
Moonitz, Allison Library Director 201-387-4040 x2829 BFLD
Mooradian, Vanessa Library Assistant/ESL Assistant RAMS
Morel, Rebecca Adult Services Librarian 201-567-3521 cres
Morin-Uslu, Nancy Library Assistant FAVW
Moroses, Louise Head of Youth Services 201-387-4040 x2896 BFLD
Morris, Donna Story Time Coordinator, Library Clerk WEEH
Motwane, Jayshree Circulation 201 768-4197 cltr
Motwani, Yuv Circulation (201) 768-4197 cltr
Moya, Julie Library Assistant RAMS
Moyer, Jane Circulation Assistant / Overdues / Collection Management PKRD
Moylan, Dylan Library Assistant RFPK
Muntz, Susan Head, Support Services LIVI
Murray, Arthur Senior Circulation Assistant 201-796-3400 x 3402 FAIR
Murray, Colette Circulation Assistant & Technical Processing RIVE
Murru, Kristie Adult Services Associate 201-387-4040 x2830 BFLD
Myhren, Emily Children's Librarian 201-444-2390 MIPK
Myrna Cordova Bookkeeper 201-330-2083 x4013 SECA
Nafz, Katz Children's Librarian 201-796-3400 x1800 FAIR
Naidoff, Bruce Development Director ext. 2269 MONT
Nair, Sujatha Principal Library Assistant 201-837-4171 tean
Nakai, Cynthia Reference 201-641-3721 LIFY
Narvaneni, Satyam Babu Technology & Reference Librarian 201-869-4715 Ext. 11 NBER
Nealon, Robert Head of Information Technology (973)762-1622 ext 5015 mapl
Neary, Brandy Programming Library Assistant 201-445-8078 hoho
Neary, Chelsea Reference Librarian 201-869-4715 Ext. 12 NBER
Neary, Kevin Librarian/Circulation Supervisor 201-796-8888 x503 elpk
Nelson, Carol Library Assistant 201-337-3742 OAKL
Nelson, Kristin Director FAVW
Newton, Ji Library Assistant RAMS
Nicholson, Amanda Circulation 201-327-4338 ALDL
Nielsen, Donna Sr. Library Assistant (Circulation) 201-529-7323 x234 MAHW
Nock, Julia Library Assistant, Circulation CLTR
Norris, Elizabeth Youth Services Librarian 973-365-4044 ext 4 lodi
Novack, JoAnne Children's Services BFLD
O'Brien, Lupita Head of Youth Services, Librarian CLTR
O'Connor, Daragh Director RIVE
O'Hanlon, Mackenzie Page 201-444-2390 MIPK
O'Keefe, Ellen Director 201-670-3970 GLRK
O'Keefe, Margaret Rose Cataloging and Collection Development Librarian (201) 498-7316 bccls
Oakes, Mary Circulation Services 201-768-5675 HAPK
Oania, Christine Sr. Library Assistant (973)762-1622 ext 5012 mapl
Offreda, Robin Library Assistant 201-939-3930 ERUT
Okechukwu, Susan Children's Librarian 201-568-2215 x 241 ENGL
Ontivero, Tatiane English Language Learning (ESL) Teacher 2010-939-8600 RUTH
Orellana, Junior Maintenance 201-585-4150 palp
Orozco, Frank Building Maintenance SABK
Ortiz, Hope Youth Services Assistant 201-845-2915 MAYW
Ouda-Onyango, Penina Library Assistant 201-845-2915 MAYW
Ovadia, Naomi Library Assistant ELPK
Overton, Jen Director 973-226-8636 ROSE
Pagani, Emily Administrative Assistant 201-387-4040 x2831 bfld
Paine, Kiersten Young Adult Librarian ext. 2240 MONT
Palazzola-Rodriguez, Linnae Library Assistant 201-945-2867 CLPK
Palmer, Joseph Web Product and Development Coordinator (201) 498-7312 bccls
Panell Jean-Noel Library Assistant 973-736-0198 WORA
Panjwani, Roberta Adult Services Supervisor 201-670-5600 x132 RGWD
Pankewicz, Lori Bookkeeper 201.529.7323 x222 MAHW
Pao, Florence Children's Library Associate 201-568-8680 tenf
Paradiso, Karen Sr. Library Assistant (973)762-1622 ext 5019 mapl
Pardi, Sarah Head of Youth Services/Admin Librarian 201 592 3615 x 4018 FTLE
Paredes, Elisabeth Bilingual Library Associate 201-343-4169 HACK
Parete, Helen Business Administrator 201-891-2224 x 118 FRLK
Paris, Andrew Senior Librarian 201-224-6144 ext. 21 EDGE
Parise, Fran Library Assistant 201-568-8680 TENF
Park, Christina Business Manager (201) 498-7311 bccls
Park, Jin Library & Programs Assistant 201-585-4150 palp
Park, Lim World Language Outreach 201-585-4150 palp
Parker, Shelley Sr. Library Asst. Youth Services 201-599-1309 PARA
Patel, Kiran Supervising Librarian-Ref. & Technical Services 973-667-0405 x 2631 NUTL
Patel, Mona Bookkeeper/Library Assistant 201-327-1445, ex. 21 RAMS
Pazos, Regina Circulation Assistant RFLD
Pedoto, Margot Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant RFLD
Pelliccia, Nicole Youth Services Librarian 201-869-4715 Ext 15 NBER
Pennacchio, Christine Children's Librarian 201-843-3287 x3 SABK
Perkel, Colleen Circ Staff EMER
Perkosky, Donna PR/Special Projects Coordinator 201-599-1307 PARA
Petillo, Collette Bookkeeper PKRD
Petouvis, Lorna Assistant to Director/Administration 201-599-1300 PARA
Petretti-Silvera, Dawn Supervising Library Assistant Circulation & Technical Services 973-748-5482 GLRG
Pfeuffer, Debbie Children's Librarian 201-337-3742 x 7007 OAKL
Piano, Katie Director 201-585-4150 palp
Pico, Xenia Page, Children's 201-343-4169 x14 HACK
Piper, Anjelice Circulation Assistant RFLD
Piro, Pamela Library Assistant 973-478-3800 ext 11 GARF
Pober, Susan Head of Information Services 973-376-1006 x117 or MILL
Podles, Lina Director 201-420-2346 HOBK
Ponceloranca, Helene Technical Processing WYCK
Popowski, Joan Circulation Library Assistant HASH
Portelli, Elizabeth YA Librarian/Reference 201-796-3400 x 2000 FAIR
Portelli, Justin Librarian, Circulation and Tech Services 201-796-3400 x 3402 fair
Portsmore, Pam Library Assistant 201-445-8078 hoho
Portugal, Rhoda Reference Librarian 201-939-8600 RUTH
Potenza, Veronica Technology/Reference 2018914866 WYCK
Potter, Beth Library Assistant 201-384-1020 HAWH
Price, Susan Full-Time Library Associate 201.224.6144 ext. 13 EDGE
Prigge, Patricia Circulation Assistant/Office SABK
Principe, Raul Custodian 201-641-3721 LIFY
Programming Department 201-568-2215 x 230 ENGL
Protono, Bobbie Acting Director 201-796-8888 ELPK
Pruden, Jill P/T Reference Librarian 973-226-8636 ROSE
Puccio, Adele Director 201-796-3400 x 1100 FAIR
Puzen, Mary Ellen Business Manager 973-427-5745 x13 hthn
Pyskaty, Mary Library Assistant, Tech Services 201-845-2915 MAYW
Quinn, Dawn Head of Borrower Services ext 2280 MONT
Quinn, Jacqueline Teen Services Librarian 201-837-4171 tean
Quinn, Lori-Ann Director 201-652-5104 WALD
Raghoobar, Christopher Library Assistant ELPK
Raisch, Susan Library Assistant RAMS
Rajani, Duru B. Library Assistant 201-768-8714 DEMA
Raji Krishnan Library Associate 973-736-0198 WORA
Rakowski, Freda Library Assistant 201-384-1020 HAWH
Ramdin, Victoria PT Library Assistant 973-226-8636 ROSE
Ramos Eros Page RFPK
Rando, Ruth Director, Librarian CLTR
Rao, Sai Director 201-869-4715 Ext. 14 NBER
Rasczyk, Kristen Library Associate 201-939-8600 RUTH
Rasczyk, Kristen Teen/Technology Librarian 201-670-3970 GLRK
Rees, Marilyn Head of Circulation 973-427-5745 x10 HTHN
Reiff, Lynn Director NOWD
Reyna, Kayli Librarian - Adult Services 973-427-5745 x17 hthn
Ribustello, Jessie Library Associate 201-939-8600 RUTH
Richard Gantzhorn Technical Services Supervisor 201-330-2083 SECA
Rifkin, Laura Director 201-664-4586 x201 WASH
Rimpau, Ina Sr. Reference Librarian (973)762-1622 ext. 5016 mapl
Rios Reference Librarian - Bilingual 201-869-4715 nber
Rios, Laura World Language Subscription Selector (201) 498-7300 bccls
Rios,Laura Reference Librarian 201-869-4715 Ext 12 NBER
Rivera, Joey Branch Manager 973-744-0500 x2247 mont2
Rivera, Tracey Business Manager 201-869-4715 Ext. 13 NBER
Rivero, Kristina Teen Library Assistant 201-891-2224 x 104 frlk
Robin Rockman Youth Services Librarian 201-262-2613 ORAD
Robley, N. Peter Library Assistant 201-568-8680 TENF
Rodriguez, Erica Circulation 201-444-2390 MIPK
Rodriguez, Laura Library Assistant FAVW
Rogers, Vionette Children's Library Assistant GLRK
Rojas-Gutierrez, Glitza Library Associate FAVW
Rokeach, Lola Technical Services 201-768-5675 HAPK
Romano, Enola Youth Services Librarian ext. 2284 MONT
Romeo, Donna Director LYND
Rondon, Nayda Program Coordinator MOVL
Roofe, Maria Library Assistant LYND
Rose Curry Adult Program Coordinator 201 337-3842 X7005 OAKL
Rose-McEntee, Donna Local History Coordinator 201-641-0689 RFPK
Rosemary Opondo Library Assistant 973-736-0198 WORA
Rosenberg, Aviva Youth Services Librarian RFLD
Ross, Leanne Coordinator of Adult and Children’s Programs 201-796-8888 elpk
Rothlauf, Megan Children's Librarian 201-891-2224 x 113 frlk
Ruano, Carmela Staff Supervisor/Circulation 201-869-4715 Ext. 10 NBER
Rubin, Patricia Circulation 201-652-5104 WALD
Rumi, Delilah Library Assistant RFPK
Runfeldt, Tyne Youth Services 201-391-2323 RIVL
Russo, Alex Adult Services Librarian ext. 2267 mont
Russo, Maryann Library Assistant FAVW
Russo, Stefania Library Assistant favw
Russo, Tommie Circulation Assistant/Page - Adult SABK
Ryan, Tina Library Assistant 201-384-2030 DUMT
Ryerson, Lee Ann Circulation Assistant GLRK
Sadecka, Alicja Page 973-471-1692 WALL
Sahraie, Arlene Adult Services Librarian (201) 438-2455 wrdg
Salmon, Rose Technical Processing 201-796-3400 FAIR
Saluga, Megan Library Assistant 201-445-8078 HOHO
Salvato, Chirstine Library Assistant LYND
Sanchez, Monica Reference Librarian 201-568-2215 x 230 ENGL
Sanguinetti, Raul Security HOBK
SanMartin, Michael LIVI
Sansone, Marguerite Head of Circulation 201-568-2215 x 226 ENGL
Santiago, Tatiyana Page, Adult 201-343-4169 x10 HACK
Sargent, Brian Library Assistant - Technology/Circulation 9737485482 glrg
Sarracino, Theresa Head of Circulation and Adult Services 201-670-3970 GLRK
Satish, Durga Bookkeeper 201-845-2915 MAYW
Savage, Louise Children's Services 201-768-5675 HAPK
Scaria, Rita Tech Services BFLD
Schafer, Siou Choy Tech Services SABK
Schauvinhold, Marisel Library Assistant, Circulation Desk 201-955-5640 NOAR
Scheld, Kathy Library Assistant MOVL
Schept, Margi LIVI
Schettino, Terry Circ Staff EMER
Schuhmann, Mary Library Assistant FAVW
Schwalbe, David Circulation Assistant GLRK
Schwalbe, David Paraprofessional - Programming 201-568-2215 x 230 ENGL
Schwartz, Karl Youth Services Librarian 201-420-2348 HOBK
Scott, Dianne Circulation Library Assistant HASH
Sears, Amy Head of Children's Services 201-837-4171 opt. 3 TEAN
Seiner, Lauren PT Library Assistant 973-226-8636 ROSE
Sella, Pat Library Assistant MOVL
Senedzuk, Kate Youth Services Librarian 201-288-0485 HASH
Serra, Danielle Young Adult Librarian 201-945-2867 CLPK
Shamy, Selwa Assistant Director ext. 2307 MONT
Sharon Suchora Bookkeeper 201-327-2583 USDR
Shaver, Paul Director MOVL
Shawna Pressley Administrative Assistant 973-736-0198 WORA
Shelley, Jeanette Head of Circulation 201-592-3615 X4001 FTLE
Shen, Daniel Emerging Technologies Library Assistant cres
Sheng, YiLin Assistant Director/Reference Librarian RFLD
Sherger, Maureen Technical Processing and Circulation Assistant RIVE
Shin, Sung Circulation CRES
Shupenko, Diane Library Assistant 973-478-3800 ext 10 GARF
Sicangco, Evangeline Circulation Assistant 201-641-3721 LIFY
Sicilliano, Caitlin Children's Librarian 201-529-7323 x231 MAHW
Simendinger, Dana Library Assistant 201-652-5104 WALD
Simoes, Brian IT Support Technician (201) 498-7315 bccls
Simon, Mario Maintenance 201-585-4150 palp
Simon, Ruth Library Assistant 201 262 1221 NMIL
Sitnik, John Head, Adult Services LIVI
Skelley, Susan Head of Circulation 201-652-5104 WALD
Smith, Linda Library Assistant 973-471-1692 WALL
Smith, Monica A. Director 973-427-5745 x12 HTHN
Smithson, Eileen Circ Desk, overdues OTPN
Soh, Young Korean Language Service, Circulation CLTR
Sokulski, Edward Building Maintenance P/T GARF
Sorkin, Miriam Sr. Library Asst. Circulation 201-599-1302 PARA
Soto, Alexa Sr. Library Asst. Youth Services 201-599-1309 PARA
Sparaino, Connie LIVI
Spero, Rebecca Adult Services Coordinator 201-438-8866 Ext.204 CARL
Sprague, Eileen Circulation Assistant PKRD
St. George, Jayne Adult Services Librarian 973-365-4044 ext. 3 LODI
Stamper, Robert Custodian 973-471-1692 WALL
Steinbacher, Lorri Assistant Director 201-670-5600 x122 RGWD
Stephenson, Rachel Head Librarian 201-585-4150 palp
Sterbenz, Amber Library Assistant NOWD
Stopsky, Korine Youth Services Librarian 201-384-2030 dumt
Suarez, Margarita Head of Youth Services 201-327-1445, ex. 23 RAMS
Sunkyung Roh Children's Librarian Ext 206 NMIL
Susan Flynn Library Assistant 201-420-2280 HOBK
Svitak, Erica Circulation 201-327-4338 ALDL
Sweatlock, Diane Technology/Reference Services 201-391-2323 RIVL
Sweikow, Suzanne Children's Programming Assistant 201-641-0689 RFPK
Swistock, Darlene Executive Assistant (201) 498-7301 bccls
Sylvester, Jeanne Supervising Librarian-Circ., Programs 973-667-0405 x 2601 NUTL
Szwerc, Nancy Reference Assistant (Loans) WYCK
Talasazan, Sharona Library Assistant 201-845-2915 MAYW
Tamburrino, Norma Circulation Assistant GLRK
Tansey, Allison Program Coordinator & Administrative Assistant 201-585-4150 palp
Tarabocchia, Deborah Assistant Supervising Reid Branch Librarian 201-444-4911 para
Tarabocchia, Deborah Assistant Supervising Reid Branch Librarian 201-444-4911 para2
Tarantino, Jane Children's Librarian 201-939-8600 RUTH
Taylor, Charlene Principal Librarian - Reference 201-568-2215 x 229 ENGL
Tenewitz, Christie Adult Services/Adult Programming Librarian 201-599-1305 PARA
Tesoriero, Lisa Library Assistant 201-445-8078 HOHO
Thomas, Victoria Circulation CLTR
Tomat, Linda Library Assistant 201-438-2455 WRDG
Tommy Skrnich Youth Services Librarian BOGT
Tracey Valente Bookkeeper 201-262-2613 ORAD
Tracy Lerner Children's Librarian 201 664-3499 OTPN
Travis, Braison Circulation Department 201-343-4169 x10 HACK
Tripodi, Carmelina Library Assistant FAVW
Trujillo, Jessica Head of Youth and Teen Services x. 2230 mont
Tuohey, Emiliana Graphic Artist, TP Assistant, Pine Gallery Coordinator 201-796-3400 x 1600 FAIR
Turro, Stephen Director 201-641-3721 LIFY
Tuttle, Janine Circulation Assistant GLRK
Unger, Lorraine Circulation/Technical Services 201-327-4338 ALDL
Urbaniak, Kristine Circulation Assistant PKRD
Urbiel, Martha Library Director WEWD
Vadala, Jordan Circulation 201-444-2390 MIPK
Valenta, Susan Circulation Supervisor WYCK
Valentine, Nancy Circulation Assistant WYCK
Valentino, Camille Director EMER
Valle, Michael Library Assistant HOBK
Van Dorn, Lorraine Senior Library Assistant - Circulation 973-667-0405, x 2609 NUTL
Van Dorn, Nicholas Senior Librarian - Ref and Webmaster 973-667-0405 x 2630 NUTL
Van Ingen, Rosary Head of Circulation Dept 201-420-2280 HOBK
Varon, Jessica Circulation Assistant RIVE
Velez, Carol Office Manager 201-641-0689 RFPK
Ventura, Bladimir Security Guard 201-420-2280 HOBK
Ventura, Julia Youth Services Librarian 201-384-1020 x103 hawh
Versace, Nancy Circulation Assistant SABK
Victoria Turk Reference Librairan 201-420-2347 HOBK
Villano, Jackie Circulation /Periodical Processing/ Adult Programing PKRD
Vincelette, Hailey Page 973-226-8636 ROSE
Volpe, Lena Circulation Supervisor 201-337-3742 x 7008 OAKL
Vozza, Olivia Children's Services / Cataloging 201-641-3721 LIFY
Vrendenberg, Beth Children's Librarian 201-420-2348 HOBK
Wagner, Renee Children Services PKRD
Wallace, Kerri Head of Circulation 201-670-5600 x103 RGWD
Walsh, Lauren Library Associate 201-939-8600 RUTH
Walsh, Marilyn Bookkeeper RIVE
Webb-Metz, Gina Head of Reference 201 592 3615 x401o FTLE
Weisser, Alice Head of Circulation 201-796-3400 x 3402 FAIR
Welch, Linda Administrative Assistant ext. 2221 MONT
Werneking, Susan Circulation Assistant 201-641-3721 LIFY
West, Mary Library Assistant favw
Wetterer, Lori LIVI
Whalen, Robyn Sr. Paraprofessional - ILL Coordinator (973)762-1622 ext 5022 mapl
Whitehead, Julie A Reference Librarian 201-384-2030 ext 112 DUMT
Wilkinson, Susan Director 201-327-4338 ALDL
Williams, Matilda Youth Services Assistant ext. 2261 MONT
Willms, Marianne R. Director 973-471-1692 WALL
Winckowski, Ashley Bilingual Library Associate 201-343-4169 HACK
Witkowski, Ann Head of Circulation 210-327-2583 USDR
Witkowski, Emily Sr. Teen Librarian (973)762-1622 ext 5018 mapl
Witkowski, Greg Custodian ELPK
Wolf, Jay F. Principal Librarian - Technical Services 201-568-2215 x 235 ENGL
Wolfley, Heidi Sr. Library Assistant (973)762-1622 ext.5017 mapl
Worth, Maria Programming/Public Relations 201-945-2867 CLPK
Worthington, Daniela Library Assistant (Children's Room) MOVL
Wright, Samuel Circulation 201-327-4338 ALDL
Wright, Sharon ESL Cooridinator 201-592-3615 x 4007 FTLE
Wyche, Beverly Head of Circulation Services 201-343-4169 x26 HACK
Yang, Carol ESL program coordinator 201-585-4150 palp
Yanni, Brenda Library Assistant PKRD
Yared, Nelly Library Assistant, Circulation Desk 201-955-5640 NOAR
Yew, Juliana Distribution Coordinator 201-585-4150 palp
Yi, Jinwoo Library Associate (201) 568-8680 tenf
Yi, Junhong Circulation cres
Young, Sydney Supervising Library Assistant - Youth Services 973-748-5482 x355 GLRG
Yuresko, Jo Circulation CRES
Yurgelonis, Chris Director 201-592-3615 x 4005 FTLE
Zamonski, Jeanne Circulation Assistant GLRK
Zbrizher, Jenny Sr. Reference Librarian (973)762-1622 ext 5020 mapl
Zeni, Christine Delivery Manager (201) 498-7303 bccls
Zigas, Mari Librarian, Dept Head, Children's Dept 201-343-4169 x14 HACK
Zimmerly, Cynthia Reference Librarian 201 837 4171 TEAN
Zitz, Isabella Library Assistant FAVW