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Invite an Author

Every month, we highlight an author in an initiative called "BCCLS Invite an Author". Many of these authors are happy to visit BCCLS libraries to chat with your book clubs or present programs either in person or via Skype. You can email them directly for more information or to schedule a library visit.

Previous Authors

August 2015

Trisha Leaver

Photo ©
Anthony Rhoades.


Shari Goldhagen


    sgoldhagen @

Web Sites:


Letter of Introduction:

Dear Colleagues:

BooksNJ2015 was overflowing with wonderful authors and I hope to showcase some of them in the months ahead.

This month’s author has had a very interesting writing career including time at The National Enquirer.

Don’t judge! Take heart because this author’s two novels have received rave reviews and you should be taking her very seriously.

In fact...

After serious pursuits of literature at Northwestern (BSJ) and Ohio State (MFA), Shari Goldhagen discovered she had a knack for sifting through celebrity trash and worked as a gossip writer for publications including The National Enquirer, Us Weekly, and Life & Style Weekly. Her articles on pop culture, travel and relationships have appeared everywhere from Cosmopolitan to Penthouse. She has received fellowships from Yaddo and MacDowell and currently lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.

On Family and Other Accidents:

"Goldhagen does a wonderful job of describing the familial bond and all the ups and downs and oddities that we consider family. This would also make a good book group selection. Highly recommended."

Library Journal

"In this immensely assured first novel, Goldhagen uses a wealth of skillful techniques to create an indelible portrait of the flawed but loving Reed brothers."


On In Some Other World, Maybe:

"Goldhagen follows up her winning debut novel, Families and Other Accidents (2006), with an equally engaging story of four young people whose lives intersect at pivotal moments...A highly relatable cast is another hook as the four face down difficulties with humor and a good deal of heart."


"Goldhagen's (Family and Other Accidents, 2006) writing is funny and honest and reflects well the oddities of modern America."


"VERDICT From New York to Macau, these braided histories are imparted via witty, engaging prose peppered with almost unbearable poignancy. Sure to resonate with fans of nonlinear storytelling in the vein of Jennifer Egan's I and Zadie Smith's NW, this title deserves a place on every library shelf. Superb."

Library Journal, ***Starred Review***

Pretty great reviews, huh? Doesn’t she sound like someone who would have so many interesting things to talk about at your libraries?

I have received copies of Ms. Goldhagen’s new novel, In Some Other World, Maybe (2015), from her publisher St. Martin’s Press, please email me if you’d like to add a copy to your library’s collection.

Visit her website at and contact her directly to invite her: sgoldhagen @ Ms. Goldhagen lives in NYC and will visit BCCLS libraries gratis and wait till you hear this...St. Martin’s Press will even pay her travel expenses so invite away!!!

Warmest regards,