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Invite an Author

Every month, we highlight an author in an initiative called "BCCLS Invite an Author". Many of these authors are happy to visit BCCLS libraries to chat with your book clubs or present programs either in person or via Skype. You can email them directly for more information or to schedule a library visit.

Previous Authors

June 2014

Avery Corman

Photo © Mark Garvin.


Avery Corman


    averycorman @


Letter of Introduction:

Dear Colleagues:

A new memoir out in a few days, a novel forthcoming in November, and legendary novels to his credit, I was hoping I could snag this fellow to be our Mr. June - and I did!

A BooksNJ alum and especially renowned for his novels, Kramer vs. Kramer and Oh, God!, it is my very great (repeat - very great) pleasure to present Avery Corman as BCCLS Invite an Author for June 2014.

Avery Corman is the author of a new memoir of his growing up years in the Bronx of the 1940s and 1950s, My Old Neighborhood Remembered, to be published June 2014 by Barricade Books. The book has been called, “lyrical” by Ken Auletta, “poignant and evocative” by Walter Isaacson. He is also the author of the novels, Kramer vs. Kramer (the basis for the Academy Award-winning Best Picture), Oh, God! (the basis for the hit movie comedy starring George Burns), The Bust-Out King, The Old Neighborhood, 50, Prized Possessions, The Big Hype, A Perfect Divorce, The Boyfriend from Hell. He lives in Fort Lee, N.J.

If you were lucky enough to hear Mr. Corman speak at BooksNJ2013, you know that he is what one would call a raconteur par excellence. All I can say is, "What a storyteller!"

On A Perfect Divorce:

In 1977, Corman's Kramer vs. Kramer gave a voice to the bitterness of divorce; 27 years later, the author offers this reassessment of the matter...Corman writes with a warm and wise empathy that could strike a chord with many. "

Publishers Weekly

On Prized Possessions:

"The tension of Corman's 320-page novel is dissipated by the surprise ending, which may cause controversy. But, overall, this is a probing, well-dramatized treatment of a sensational crime that can no longer be papered over as a peccadillo. "

Kirkus Reviews

On 50:

"Deft, witty and profoundly serious, this new novel by the author of Kramer Vs. Kramer is a confrontation by an ordinary man, Doug Gardner, a sportswriter, of his own principles and the demands of the marketplace...Sometimes Doug Gardner is a bit too good to be true, but he's a pleasure to have around, and it's a jaded reader indeed who won't be rooting for him all the way. "

Publishers Weekly

On The Old Neighborhood:

"Corman’s novel is a work of art. The characters overflow with vitality. The journey is joyous. "

Los Angeles Times

His newest book, My Old Neighborhood Remembered: a memoir (6/6/14 Barricade Books), is receiving some wonderful advance praise:

"Avery Corman has written a lyrical ode to another New York, a time when stickball and punchball and hanging out on stoops and drinking egg creams filled out afternoons, a city where people had an embracing sense of community. Reading this book is like gathering around a warm fire to hear tales spun by a master storyteller."

Ken Auletta

"Avery Corman delighted us with his novel, The Old Neighborhood, and now he brings the Bronx alive again in a memoir. This is a poignant and evocative book filled with lessons for today. It will strike a chord in you wherever you may have grown up."

Walter Isaacson

A visit to your library from Avery Corman (btw, Mr. Corman will visit at no charge) would be an evening filled with stories and Q&A that would be both memorable and over-the-top entertaining for all in attendance. Please contact him directly at averycorman @

If you want an evening like no other, filled with Hollywood lore and remembrances of growing up in the Bronx, told by someone who should have his own talk show, I hope you will consider inviting Avery Corman to your libraries. Think Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett, Jimmy Fallon, Charlie Rose - think Avery Corman - and get him into your libraries soon!

Warmest regards,