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#Public Libraries in NJ's Bergen, Essex, Hudson, and Passaic Counties


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Upgrade Schedule

We will be replacing all HP 6200 and HP 6300 model computers with new machines. In conjunction with this, Windows 10 will be installed across all PCs. Please be sure all documents and files are backed up and licensed software is removed on all PCs.

Additionally, the new computer models no longer come with PS/2 ports, so please be prepared to replace any PS/2 peripherals (old barcode scanners for example) at time of upgrade.

Date Library
10/29/2019 MAPL (2 days)
10/31/2019 EMER
11/5/2019 RIVE (3 days)
11/12/2019 RFPK (2 days)
11/19/2019 PALP (3 days)
11/19/2019 NMIL (3 days)
02/04/2020 GLRK (3 days)
02/11/2020 DUMT (3 days)
02/19/2020 MAYW (2 days)
02/25/2020 HTHN (4 days)
03/03/2020 MIPK (3 days)
03/03/2020 ALDL (3 days)
03/06/2020 NOWD
03/10/2020 NUTL (4 days)
03/17/2020 WEWD (2 days)
03/17/2020 HAWH (2 days)
03/19/2020 WALL
03/19/2020 OAKL
03/24/2020 WCAL (4 days)
03/31/2020 USDR (2 days)
03/31/2020 RGWD (2 days)
04/07/2020 RFLD (3 days)
04/16/2020 HOHO (2 days)
04/21/2020 TEAN (3 days)
04/28/2020 WEEH (3 days)
05/05/2020 WASH (2 days)
05/07/2020 HLDL
05/12/2020 NOAR - (3 days)
05/19/2020 WRDG (3 days)
05/27/2020 ELPK (3 days)
06/02/2020 RIVL (3 days)
06/02/2020 FRLK (3 days)
06/09/2020 GARF (4 days)
06/09/2020 ENGL (4 days)
06/16/2020 MILL (3 days)
06/23/2020 ORAD (4 days)
06/30/2020 HOBK (3 days)

Collection Development

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Out of the Ordinary Statuses

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